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Beverlywood Real Estate Agent – Home values are determined by a variety of factors, but three of the most important include location, market conditions, and the property itself.


Location can have both positive and negative impacts on the worth of a property, depending on its proximity to certain amenities or attractions. For instance, homes near public transportation hubs, schools, parks, or other recreational areas tend to be more valuable than those located farther away. The location also affects the marketability of a home. Homes situated in desirable locations typically sell faster because they attract more potential buyers who are willing to pay higher prices due to their need or preference for that particular area. On the other hand, properties with undesirable elements nearby such as power plants, airports, or busy roads may not be as attractive and therefore harder to sell.

Market Conditions

Market conditions also play an important role in setting home values. When there is high demand for real estate, prices increase as buyers compete to purchase properties. Conversely, if there is low demand from potential buyers due to economic concerns or insufficient inventory, then sellers may need to adjust their asking price accordingly in order to attract buyers and make a sale. 

The Property

When it comes to putting a price on a home, the property itself plays a huge role. The square footage, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the condition and style of the home are factors when determining value.

There are other factors that don’t have a direct correlation with value but have an impact on its appeal to potential buyers. For example, the size of each room. Large bedrooms or living areas can add appeal while smaller rooms are maybe less appealing. The number of levels within a house can also have an impact. In places where it’s hot year-round such as Arizona single-level homes are highly desirable whereas in some cities like Washington DC buyers are looking for finished basements to host social gatherings.

What is a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) | Home Valuation | What are Comparables?

A comparative market analysis, or CMA, is a report used by real estate agents to assess the value of a property. A CMA compares the subject property with similar properties that have recently sold in the same neighborhood. Agents use this information to determine a competitive listing price for their client’s properties.

The agent will search for homes that are comparable to their client’s in terms of square footage, age of construction, and amenities like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Once similar houses are found, the agent will look up their sale prices and other details about each transaction such as the date of sale and seller concessions offered to buyers.

If you’re interested in learning more about the current value of your property, look no further! Beverlywood Real Estate Agent is now offering a free comparative market analysis for prospective clients. This comprehensive report includes an estimate of potential buyers’ interest in the property, a comparison to similar properties’ sale prices, and detailed information regarding market trends.

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