Beverlywood Real Estate Agent | The Splendors of Beverlywood: History and Architecture

Beverlywood Real Estate Agent

Beverlywood Real Estate Agent – Beverlywood, California is a small neighborhood located in the heart of Los Angeles. The neighborhood is bounded by Beverly Hills on the west, Pico-Robertson on the north, La Cienega Boulevard on the east, and the city of Culver City on the south. The area itself features many homes with Mediterranean-style architecture combined with lush greenery that creates a picturesque atmosphere throughout Beverlywood. Residents have access to parks like Beverlywood Park which has tennis courts and playgrounds as well as shopping centers such as Westfield Century City Mall where they can purchase anything from clothing to electronics.

Beverlywood, Los Angeles, CA History

Beverlywood, California is located in Los Angeles and is a residential area with a rich and interesting history. The city was founded in 1922 when an investor purchased the land from Rancho Rodeo de las Aguas and each adjoining lot for $17,500. Beverlywood quickly became popular among affluent families due to its close proximity to the bustling business district of downtown Los Angeles. The city was incorporated in 1929, however, it was disincorporated only four years later due to financial difficulties during the Great Depression.

In 1942, Beverlywood was reincorporated as a “village” which allowed it to have more jurisdiction on local matters such as zoning regulations compared with other unincorporated neighborhoods in LA County. During World War II many of Beverlywood’s residents worked at Douglas Aircraft Company which had a nearby facility that produced planes for the Allied Forces.

Beverlywood, Los Angeles, CA Architecture

Beverlywood offers everything from grand Mediterranean-style homes with red tile roofs, to more modern and contemporary styles of homes with flat roofs and large windows for plenty of natural light. The streets are also lined with mature palm trees, giving it an exclusive look and feel.

The area was first developed in the 1920s and 30s, primarily as an exclusive residential enclave for Hollywood celebrities and executives. The architectural style found in Beverlywood has been influenced by many cultures over the years, including Italian Renaissance Revival and Spanish Colonial Revival styles that have been prevalent since its inception in 1929, as well as postmodern designs from later decades. Its earliest homes were traditional Spanish Colonial Revival residences with red-tile roofs, stucco walls, courtyards, and balconies. In later years, more eclectic designs began to appear including Art Deco, Mid-Century Modern, and Postmodernist styles. Each home offers something unique yet still adheres to the overall aesthetic of the neighborhood.

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